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Romeo + Juliet Tower
Vancouver, BC, Canada

SPA was appointed by DeCotiis to provide concept design for this residential tower.


The design intent of the Romeo and Juliet Tower in Vancouver is that it should be a landmark for the entry to Downtown Vancouver over Burrard Bridge and is to be of high quality materials and design. The proposal is to provide affordable rental housing with communal gardens and leisure areas at the rear of the property in a striking new tower with expansive views over Vancouver. The Project includes residential and retail uses to form 19 storey tower with a square footage of 93,860sqft resulting in a proposed density of 10.42 floor space ratio. The street frontages will be animated with commercial retail uses and the residential entrance lobby. The lane to the East will provide access to the underground parking and delivery access.


The tower form is unique. The design has emanated from the desire to retain the existing heritage building on the site and wrapping around it with a heavy brick  tower and a lightweight glass skin. This coupling of materials has led to the very name of the Romeo and Juliet Tower. The extent of glazing will be limited to approx  50% in order to achieve a LEED Gold rating, however glass will be used as opaque panels in order to keep the form.


The 7 unit sizes were provided ranging from: 475 sqft – Junior; 580 sqft – 1 bed and den; 445 sqft – 1 bed; 630 sqft – 2 bed; 615 sqft – 2 bed and den;  620 sqft – 1 bed and den; and a 485 sqft – Junior.


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