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Mediation Centre For Dispute Resolution

There are basically 6 steps to a successful mediation and dispute resolution as follows: Introduction; Statement of the problem; Information gathering; Identification of the problems; Bargaining and finally; Settlement.

The design addresses these steps and more in an attempt to enhance the journey of opposing sides to form respect and agreement.  

The entry is bewildering and daunting as expected. No visible welcome, the lobby is off axis, the perfect cube form is broken. The two sides are expressed with different facade treatments, yet their structures are similar. Columns and walls are close together, adding to the difficulty of entering and in turn, understanding. The floors rise with opportunities for explanations of both side stances on the structure walks. Once arrived at the roof level, there are two resolution and discussion chambers on one side. On the other, a garden of contemplation. The two parties in dispute can alternate between the two roof level places with resolution in mind. 


The project grid is 4m, allowing for timber frame modular construction. The parts are easily put together in the factory and transported to site.

July 2021


+852 9858 6784

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