Steve Palmier Architecture

"Treehouse" Conceptual Design
Study One

The house, transformed into the "treehouse", attempts to reinforce the nature of the wood as a place of refuge and to provide a place of prospect within it.

The intention is to achieve a balanced composition of vertical and horizontal elements which have responded to their setting: to strengthen its verticality; to contrast with and thus enliven the expansive woodland; and to enhance the natural drama of the site by its bridge which thus locates the house. The form as a whole is easily readable from a distance: interest is sustained upon drawing closer by modeling and articulation.

It is symbolic of both the traditional and the modern house and in turn, celebrates both associated technologies. The transformation of telegraph poles into "pilotis" or columns give a new and particular relationship which is mindful of its location and the more recent past. The small size of the building and the attached elements is intended to invite the perceiver into its "territory". The resulting interplay of solid and void between form, woodland and sky is enhanced within the interior, where small spaces transform into double height galleries.

Cedar is chosen as the cladding material for its current rural associations and its weathering properties, turning dark grey/purple as it ages.

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