Steve Palmier Architecture  

Swimming Pool for RIAS/Scottish Sports Council, Scotland
Exhibited Competition Entry

The design consists of a permanent pavilion-like building combined with a highly adaptable and flexible pneumatic structure tied to it. The air filled structure is a double layer of translucent fabric laminate to combat snow and wind loadings. Transparent and translucent membrane skins as the outer envelope are zipped into place, which can be easily removed allowing the option of an open air pool when desired. Additionally, the whole structure can be deflated and relocated to any other site.

Corrosion caused by condensation is eliminated by using non-ferrous materials as the main structure. The design conserves energy by using less material which means that there has been less energy expended and thus less resultant pollution on the planet to make it. Transparency and translucency allows the building to gain from passive solar heat and also requires less artificial light. Glare is controlled by translucent panels. The lightness of material gives a sense of gentility to the building and allows it to billow in the breeze.

"Ultimate flexibility characterises this design. A glazed entrance pavilion can rotate around the circular changing room block, its exact position relating to site. The swimming pools are then covered with a pneumatic tube structure which incorporates zip-up transparent panels for passive solar gain. The pneumatic structure can be any shape and any size". Building Design, February 28, 1992.

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