Steve Palmier Architecture

Millennium Landmark, Great Britain
Competition Entry with "Team 114 East"

A Competition Entry at the Birth of the New Millennium

A time to take reassess our values: to consider our position in the passage of time; to re-attune ourselves to our environment; to look at ourselves from a global perspective.

A time to celebrate... to look to the future with new optimism; to raise our spirits; to tap our innermost energies; to foster the collective.

A network of technological, ecological and philosophical interventions across the stimulate; to educate; to inspire and to enjoy.

A linear celebration of the Greenwich Meridian...a symbol of man's temporal relationship with the world; a tangible manifestation of the imaginary endless line.

A regular, accessible distribution of sites... at the one degree intersections of man's global frame of reference; at places pre-determined by their intrinsic relationship with the earth's geometry; at symbolically 'democratic' locations, selected irrespective of topographical, political or economic determinents.

At every intersection a project is harness natural energy forces; to make places for solitary contemplation; to form centres for public gathering; to utilise local human resources in a common goal; to symbolically mark the passage of time; to forge spiritual and philosophical links with the planet.

A sequence of timeless gathering places to celebrate the arrival of...the millennium; the decade; the year; the sun; the moon; the stars...

(Team 114 East consisted of Steve Palmier, Peter Nickels, Diane Morton, Alison Peters and Louise Journeaux).

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