Steve Palmier Architecture

Kitsilano House Study
Existing Typical Houses

The existing typical house in Kitsilano can be described by a number of distinguishing characteristics...

- An expression of structure as the decorative elements
- Craftsman-like use of natural, rustic materials
- Materials not highly finished, left in a "raw" state
- Mostly bungalow and 1 1/2 half storey buildings, horizontal image common
- Box design also common, with additions and subtractions, projections and voids
- Front door may be located off centre
- Rectangular layout
- Occasional use of pilaster columns and other classical motifs
- Front veranda/porch of substantial depth, to provide shelter and allow conversation with neighbours
- The house fills a small lot, with a narrow lane down the side to the garage
- Bay window is commonplace
- Clapboard exterior
- Variety of window shapes and sizes
- Front and back yards commonplace
- Substantial roof pitch, with large overhangs for wind driven rain protection
- Wooden railings, shingles, roof joists exposed
- Window casings, frames and mullions expressed

Elements of these are sketched below...

What will the final house type look like...?

Designs are underway, and a selection will be published shortly...!

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