Steve Palmier Architecture

Acer Pavilion
2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver, BC

Photos of project during the Games

The Acer Pavilion was at the LiveCity Yaletown site as part of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The subject facility is one of four main sponsor pavilions situated in David Lam Park, in the City of Vancouver. The overall site was served by ancillary facilities that included a main exterior concert stage, concession, public toilets, staff commissary, waste sorting station and event storage.

The Pavilion included the Main Hall full of interactive computer displays on Olympic Sports, with a VIP lounge for visiting guests, storage and washroom facilities.

Completion: February 2010

Construction Budget: Undisclosed

Pr1me Inc - ORCA Creative Inc - GBA Code - Weal Engineering Structural - BLC Electrical

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