Steve Palmier Architecture

Holland Heineken House
2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver, BC

Photos of the Minoru Arenas when occupied by Holland Heineken House

The Holland Heineken House is the official home of the Dutch Olympic Committee NOC*NSF and is facilitated by Heineken. The 5,000 square meters of the Minoru Arena consists of two ice hockey rinks, which were removed especially for this occasion. Minoru Arena is only a 5-minute walk from the Richmond-Brighouse Canada Line Station and a short walk from the Richmond Olympic Oval, where all the speed skaters competed.

The highlight of the Holland Heineken House experience was the main Medal Ceremony Hall, which hosted about 4,000 people every night, and features celebratory medal ceremonies for successful Dutch athletes as well as nightly performances by renowned Dutch artists and DJ's. The uniquely close relationship that Dutch sport fans have with their heroes - coupled with their penchant for the national colour of orange - makes for a vibrant and unforgettable atmosphere during celebrations and performances. More than 100,000 people visited the Holland Heineken House during Winter Games. Further features of the Holland Heineken House include a Lodge Restaurant and several food outlets, a Dutch Consulate information desk, ATP travel and ticketing desk, a special athletes' room, VIP facilities for members of the Dutch royal family and government, a business lounge for partners and suppliers of NOC*NSF as well as facilities for Dutch media. Sports fans also followed the progress of the athletes live on dozens of large screens throughout the Holland Heineken House, sharing in the achievements and emotions that are part and parcel of the Olympic experience.

Completion: February 2010

Construction Budget: Undisclosed

Heineken Nederland - Trefpunt Sports & Entertainment - Sightline Productions - Viridian Power - Epic Production Technologies - Boels Kitchens - Brandlive

Orca Creative - Sereca Fire Consulting - Read Jones Christoffersen - Perez Engineering - Ed Lee Engineer - BLC Engineering

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