Steve Palmier Architecture

Private Residence: Remodelling + Upgrade
RS-5 Zoning District

 The new Home...

 House Before Renovation…a burnt out shell…

The proposal was to remodel and upgrade an existing 2,600sqft house in RS-5 zoning district.

The new roof structure exposed to the interior, allowing for a loft-like use of the roof space, suitable for the photographer client.
New ridge and dormer windows are added, increasing the usable area on the site, while also being complimentary to the existing design.
In addition, the entire house was upgraded with new media room, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and staircase incorporated.

The project also incorporates many sustainable design features, such as high efficiency heating system, water efficient plumbing fixtures, natural ventilation, underfloor heating, energy efficient light fixtures, low VOC emitting products, highly insulated walls roof and floor slab, and high performance windows.

Construction Budget: Undisclosed

Lynn Johnson Engineer - MDM Solutions Contractor - Supreme Kitchens Inc - Classic Touch Drywall - RF Electrical - Avante Plumbing

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