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High-Rise Projects and Masterplans
Asia Studies


Tower Designs for Bangkok, Thailand: 35 storey Office with Commercial at grade. A series of design combinations were presented to suit a number of sites to allow the client to have options for the many locations, yet also having a corporate feel to all. Yin-Yang, so powerful in Asia as a concept is incorporated into each of the twin tower designs in a variety of ways.


Masterplan for Qing Pu in China: Commercial and Office layout incorporating atria, courtyards and quadrangles to provide intimate spaces and areas for social interaction.


Masterplan and Tower Designs for Xinan Lake, Shenzhen, China: This project was for a 500,000sqm (5,380,000sqft) mixed-use development including retail, restaurants, offices, residential and hotel scheme. A major street divided the site and this provided an opportunity for link bridges between the residential side and the commercial side. A lake was incorporated into the restaurant/commercial area to provide respite from the street traffic.


Masterplan for West Zhuhai, China: 27,000sqm (290,000sqft) Offices together with hotel and restaurant for the District Council which was then incorporated into the masterplan.

The various high-rise and masterplan studies noted above were completed while working at RMJM Architects in Hong Kong from 1993-1994.

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