Steve Palmier Artist

Pillar Design for Mark + Dale
Residential Modifications

The client has an existing free-standing cylindrical column in their apartment which they want to develop into a piece of art. One wall opposite the column is their 'Art Wall' for displaying modern works.

Initial thoughts on the design have begun with the two images shown; Joan Miro: "The Gold of the blue sky" (1967) and Vasily Kandinsky: "Dominant Curve" (1936), both of which provide much inspiration. Works by Leger and Dali may also have some influence on how the design will develop.

It is currently thought that the pillar should not compete with the Art Wall. Rather it should stand distinguished from yet also linked to the room. A part of the room. Visible from both inside and outside.

We are also considering the five senses; see, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. The most primitive form of the pillar is a tree, and perhaps a pillar 'wants to be a tree...' its branches are the beams which support the house. Perhaps the enclosure around the column is reminiscent of the bark of a tree, allowing a layering of materials such a mosaic to be visible within the core of the pillar...holes within the new enclosure allow for lighting by candles or artificially. The candleabra becomes a columnabra...The new bark may glow from within by the use of coloured lighting...The new covering may be made of wax, for instance, giving off a light aroma when you are near...

The above are all simply first stage ideas and will be developed with the clients' input.................

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