Steve Palmier Artist

Chapters Bookstore
Murals - Competition Entry

The program called for two murals to depict the literary and cultural life in Vancouver and/or BC.

Today, people are more mobile than ever before. people move between, use are created by and influenced by cities, countries and cultures. Vancouver is just such a hot-pot of various cultures emanating from all over the world, peoples coming and going every day. These peoples cross borders - cultural, physical + territorial - bringing with them redifinitions of public and private space.

The new installations + interventions must be designed to suit the new world traveller. Spaces free from old world order; where new opportunities and thoughts by contemporary people can be nurtured + allowed to develop.

It is intended that the mural will stimulate, educate amd inspire. It will engage the senses; smell, touch, taste, hear and see. To encourage thoughts about the land, the ocean, the mountains and the sky. To free thoughts. To embrace the free spirit of the West.

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