Steve Palmier Artist
Logo Designs

Logo Competition Entry for Tetrahedron Outdoor Club

The Tetrahedron Outdoor Club recently changed its name (from Tetrahedron Ski Club), and needed a new logo that represented the club. The new club now incorporated all forms of outdoor activity ranging from skiing and hiking to photography and mountain biking...the intent of the entries was to form a basis on which to start the new logo.

Option One: The Serpinski tetrahedron is used as a base for the design...indicative of the expansion of the club and the subgroups under one umbrella organisation.

Option Two: The standard tetrahedron and its geometric permutations forms the basis of the design.

Option Three: A sketch of the Peak forms the basis of the design with the 3 lakes to hike/ski around on the way to the top. The three lakes in Tetrahedron Park are depicted as blue ovals.

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